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This 30-Day program to IGNITE Your Global Vision Today is designed to align you with your Highest Mission by taking you to the source of your feminine power in the body, while grounding this Mission in a step-by-step social movement strategy to practically carry out your global vision in the world.

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What Feminine Leaders are Saying:

imageone Alia~Creator,Femvolution Renowned DJ & Musical Artist &

I attracted more women to my message and my mission than I had for the entire previous two years!

When I came to Reena, I had been developing my Femvolution work for some time but I wasn’t yet reaching a lot of women with it. Going through Reena’s process helped me identify my bigger vision for my work and my life that I hadn’t allowed myself to fully acknowledge yet.

We mapped out a clear multi-year plan for how I could execute this big mission. A couple months later I stepped into rolling out my biggest video and program launch to-date. I attracted more women to my message and my mission than I had for the entire previous two years!

Reena is genuine, caring, and a total delight to work with. Do whatever it takes to work with her! Your mission will thank you!

Christina Morassi, Your Ecstatic Brand Mentor

Because of my work with Reena, I brought my big philanthropic dreams into my business NOW and raised 25K to help sponsor a village in Africa!

Before working with Reena, I had some big philanthropic dreams for my business that seemed quite a long way off. But then Reena guided me through a process of discovery that challenged me to see I could bring them into my business and movement NOW. This was very exciting to me and opened up all kinds of possibilities!

Because of that work with Reena, I invited a charitable organization, The Unstoppable Foundation, to my next Ecstatic Wealth live event. And guess what! My community and myself raised $25K to help sponsor a village in Africa for 5 years, including with a new school, safe drinking water, and needed medical supplies. Amazing!

Tanya Paluso, CEO Tribal Truth

I feel a whole new sense of freedom, of clarity, of power, of passion!

Before I felt frustrated, stagnant and diminished and after working with Reena I feel alive. I have my feminine power back and I’m ready to create and lead in a much bigger way.

Even though I have created an international movement it still didn’t feel like that way it still felt small, very constricted. And now there is all this space that I can move into.

If you are a woman who is a leader or want to create a movement or already have one, going through his process with Reena can really up your game.

Tracy Griffith, Aromatherapy and Wellness Arts Practitioner

I now see exactly what I need to do to revolutionize the health care industry!

My pain point before coming to see Reena was that my mission to change the health care industry for the better felt pretty daunting. Now I feel a sense of ease and flow. Reena created this sacred space that is so welcoming.

And what is so beautiful is that I am utilizing all of the coaching that I have ever gotten, nothing is left out. This is an all-inclusive system that Reena has provided for me and is so tailored for what I need.

imagefive Dr. Paula Fellingham, Founder of The WIN, a global community of women helping women

In a word, Reena SHINES!

In her genuine authenticity and love for others, she touches hearts and changes lives wherever she goes. Reena Desai is truly one of the noble women on the earth today. I heartily recommend her and her wonderful work.

Woohooo!!! My dear Sister, I thank you for reading this far and for considering this 30-Day Program to IGNITE Your Global Vision Today!

This program has been BIRTHED out of my soul’s call that it is TIME for us as women to rise and lead humanity in a new direction.

If you are a woman with a burning desire and passion to create a better world to live in, then it is your time to speak your truth loud and clear,

stake your claim in this world and lead with the fierce compassion that only you can lead with.

I will be opening up 3 Spots for this 30-Day Program at a special introductory rate. If you feel a calling, please sign up to be the first to receive the announcement when the program launches on May 1st!

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